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If you looked back at your life, could you say that you’d achieved everything that you had dreamed of?


Have you ever dreamt of creating your ultimate list of meaningful goals, but don’t know how to start?

Maybe you already have a list but haven’t quite got around to achieving any of the items?

If so, this course is for you and NOW is the time to take action.

The power of creating and pursuing a list of meaningful goals is undeniable. For Seb, his 100things journey was life changing. 

100things Online Workshop (GROUP FEB)

$247.95 USD

Create & Activate Your 100things List!

Join like minded people and create a life of no regrets.



This has been honestly life-changing for me. I could use a million cliches to describe it but that's the most fitting one. My gratitude to you all is endless. I used to find it hard setting goals and now I can't stop!


The course structure is perfect for me as a working Mom. I was able to balance all aspects of my life during the course.  Not only am I achieving all my goals now but the ripple effect is that my son is now starting his list, too! 


"Seb's tools and processes will unleash anyone's ability to put aside procrastination and prioritize what's truly important to them in living a happier and healthier life. It's nothing short of life changing."

Change your life in less than 30 minutes a day!


Over the last 12 years the ripple effect of 100things has gone onto positively impact millions of people, communities and organizations worldwide and for the first time we’ve distilled all of the learnings of this journey into an incredible online course.


Course Breakdown:


21 x Video Lessons

18 x Unique Challenges

3 x Bonus Lessons

7 x Zoom Calls

Total Course Time: 15 hours (approximately)


Meet Our October, 2020, Crew!

This is what our 1st Accountability Call of the month feels like. Deep shares and some fun goals, too!



  • 21 personalized lessons & 19 challenges that you can access from your laptop or phone
  • Modulated course & 'Bite-Size Lessons' to allow easy scheduling for your life
  • 30 Days of scheduled programming to help you navigate through the course 
  • Access to private accountability group, comprised of like-minded people, just like you
  • 7 Zoom calls with your Accountability Group throughout the month
  • 7 Zoom calls with Seb
  • Recordings of Zoom calls and 24/7 access to course to allow flexibility in your schedule
  • Ongoing access to all online resources, even after you’ve finished the course
  • Ongoing access to your accountability group


  • Creation of your very own 100things list (obviously!)
  • A deep understanding of your values and yourself
  • Clarity and direction
  • A fresh and optimistic outlook
  • Overcoming of fears / excuses
  • Improved resilience 
  • Permission to live your best life
  • Mastery in multiple areas within the goal creation and activation process
  • An interactive tool kit to help you attack each and every goal on your list
  • The opportunity to achieve at least 1 of your goals within the duration of the course
  • The building of your very own ongoing & supportive community to help you with your list
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