About 100things.

100things is a multi-dimensional personal development and coaching platform designed to inspire, educate and engage like-minded people to be the best version of themselves in their personal and professional lives.


Offering multiple touchpoints for individuals, small businesses, and large-scale organizations, 100things provides Education, Inspiration, Accountability, and Opportunity for those looking to live their lists and check off their most meaningful goals in every aspect of their lives.


100things has an active community of tens of thousands of individuals and has provided keynotes and workshops to hundreds of companies and organizations. 100things gives away 5% of its net income to support community members achieve their goals via the 100fund.

Founded in 2009. Born out of the personal journey of founder Sebastian Terry.

As a result of interest in his unorthodox approach to life, Sebastian Terry’s journey grew from a personal quest to a larger mission, inspiring others to set goals that matter and chase after them.

In 2019 Seb joined with Todd Duncan, to expand the offering and impact of 100things. 

Expanding on Sebastians workshop, the pair combined to put together the 8 step framework that forms the basis of all 100things delivery today. 

Sebastian Terry

Over the past 12 years, the messages and stories of 100things have gone on to inspire and catalyze positive change in individuals, communities and businesses around the world. As such, Seb has developed books, media content and an array of goal-related programming that supports the development and connection of like-minded people everywhere.

Seb has been engaging with large-scale corporations as well as intimate community groups over the last decade inspiring them to achieve their biggest goals and ambitions.

ESPN aired a mini-documentary that captures the ethos and story of 100things in this 7-minute feature. Please also see Sebastian’s Teaser Reel.

Todd Duncan

Todd’s background is in coaching and development, obtaining a First Class degree in the subject and putting it to practical use over the last 14 years in schools, elite sports, and corporate environments.

Todd brings experience in both small business and the public sector, being one of the founding staff members at the UK’s first free State Boarding School; an initiative that enabled students from London’s inner city to experience a style of education normally reserved for the wealthiest 7% of the population.

Todd has spent his adult life creating pathways to success for students, colleagues, and businesses alike.

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