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Staff development programs that help your people set goals and strive for the outcomes in community.


"I would recommend this workshop to individuals or to teams that are looking for a stronger sense of community and self-growth. As a leader, I found the exercise to be refreshing and learned a little more about each of my colleagues along the way. "

Chris Symchek
Sr. Consultant & National Chair of Emerging Professionals at McKesson.

100things Staff Development Framework

We provide your employees with a structure that enables them an understanding of what they want from work and life, and how they (and you) can come together to help attain their biggest (and smallest) life goals.

Delivered over 8 steps, our program delivers a combination of 35 bite-sized lessons  as well as impactful tasks and challenges that set the foundations for ongoing behaviour change for your staff and teams.


3 Methods of Delivery

Custom-designed to suit your company, we ensure maximum impact and efficiency for you and your staff

Self-Paced & Fully Digital.

The 100things Live Your List Program is an 8-step program that supports individuals to lead a values-driven life, both personally and professionally.

Using a proven method, we deconstruct the process of goal setting so that the most important elements of the individual's life come together to guide a fully autonomous list of life goals.


Coach Lead, Online.

Taking participants through the full 8-steps of list creation and activation using our modulated digital learning platform, alongside coach-led sessions to increase understanding and share knowledge across employee groups.

Activating group accountability, your teams will connect and engage on deeply personal and professional levels as they learn about others key motivators, goals and action plans. 


In-Person, Fully Guided.

Bringing together your team via a custom-designed session, your staff will be guided through a highly impactful in-person program.

Combining dynamic and interactive elements that explore personal values and the process of achieving, employees will also experience real-time progress as they are challenged to take action within the session.

Team members will be given the opportunity to discuss and share what they have identified and discovered during the process. 

The intense and intimate nature of this delivery allows for individual and team development at a faster rate.



"These tools and processes will unleash anyone’s ability to put aside procrastination and prioritize what’s truly important to them in living a happier and healthier life. It’s nothing short of life-changing."

Nick Drake
Vice President Global Marketing, Google.

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