A call to action that leaves no doubt; ‘What’s on your list?’, the 100things keynote not only inspires change but creates a decisive pathway for individuals and organizations to help identify values, create impactful goals, build effective and personalized methods to achieve whilst also leaving a lasting and agile tool kit that can be referenced long after your event has ended.

By responsibly looking after yourself, you’ll be better able to help others in your personal and professional life

Told through the lens of his incredible personal story, Sebastian’s unique blend of sharp humor, profound insight and relatability leaves employees and teams empowered, inspired and on the path to being the best versions of themselves in and out of the workplace. 

Blending principles of psychology, masterful storytelling and 10 years of keynote experience, Sebastian cuts to the core of human behavior, personal achievement and personal well being with an integrated approach that will have your audience laughing, crying, thinking and taking action.

With noted spikes in employee productivity, retention and well being following Sebastian’s presentations, the 100things keynotes (and additional workshops) are each designed to act as foundational tools for individuals and teams interested in moving forward with a refreshed appreciation of personal and professional values, decisive action plans and a renewed lease of motivation.



  • Overcoming Adversity

  • A Healthy You: A Healthy Community

  • Growth & Connection

  • Permission

  • Accountability

  • Choice

  • Finding Your Why

  • Meaningful Goal Setting

  • Action & The Power of NOW

  • Outgrowing Your Comfort Zone

  • Personal Empowerment, Development & Leadership

  • Value Identification

  • Selfish to Selfless

  • The Ripple Effect



Bringing together your team via a custom designed deep-dive session, delegates will be guided through Sebastian’s unique 4-Step list-creation process, allowing them to craft their very own lists as they identify major goals in their work and personal worlds. 

With dynamic and interactive elements that explore personal values, the process of achieving, and a final challenge that allows individuals to take action on one particular goal within the session, the 100things List Creation Workshop is powerful, everlasting and action-focused.


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